Introducing Vision Eco

A Proud Partner in the Vision Group of Companies

Extending beyond current industry trends typical of today, Vision Eco, the latest addition to The Vision Group family, focuses on environmental preservation through energy efficiency, waste reduction and green product development. Supported by a worldwide pending patent, Vision Eco is the recognized creator of a revolutionary green composite material

Using this one-of-a-kind material, Vision Eco reinvents the wheel, producing low-cost, maintenance-free building products that are practical, sustainable and made from 100% recycled materials. In traditional practices, builders used wood, aluminum, steel and metal – with Vision Eco, they use a new line of exciting and environmentally friendly building products. Through Vision Eco, you meet your business needs of today and create a better world for the generations of tomorrow.

We introduce to you the Vision Eco line of building products, which have:

  • Fiberglass and steel reinforcements
  • Reduced embodied energy due to less dependency on petroleum-based products
  • Dimensional stability and resistance to mould growth due to lower moisture content and less water absorption
  • Compressive strength and screw retention characteristics as good as or better than wood
  • Advanced fire properties to meet any building codes
  • Easy manufacturing processes similar to wood
  • Simple welding procedures similar to metal
  • Paint and co-extrusion technologies for superior durability
  • Foaming technologies for weight reduction and high energy efficiency