Our Environment & Safety Culture

Our Environment

We feel that it is extremely important for our employees to work in an environment that can foster their growth and that will allow them to achieve their own career objectives. Our facilities house “state of the art” manufacturing equipment within clean, modern and well lit buildings. The environment is conducive to learning, continuous improvement and career advancement.

The company has established policies and procedures that govern conduct and allow people to work in a safe environment free from discrimination and harassment. Integrity is critical to how we operate. We value both results and ethics in how we conduct our business. We will provide you with the opportunities to enjoy a rewarding career that you can be proud of.

Safety Culture

The Vision Group is committed to protecting the health and safety of its employees and we take every reasonable measure to achieve this goal. The company is dedicated to the prevention of personal injury, occupational disease and the protection of its resources, including employees, the environment and physical assets from accidental loss or workplace violence.

We pride ourselves on maintaining a work culture that allows an employee to meet their own objectives while working in a safe and progressive environment. We believe that safety everyone’s number one priority and responsibility.